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We've Added More Products To Our Fundraising Products Section
As a help to many of our visitors, we've added some more products to our Fundraising Products Section.   And rest assured that we have made them as profitable as possible.

We want the very best selection of products that you can take back and share with your decision makers at your organization.

Here are two of our best automatic Online Fundraising Programs that ship straight to your supporter's home address:

  • Flower Power - many types of flowers and bulbs to choose from.

With these two products you don't have to worry about all of the hassles of many volunteers needed to deliver products to your supporters.  It also allows you to seek support from people all across the country since you don't have to worry about delivering products.  It's all done for you by us.

Visit our Fundraising Products Section here.
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Web's Most Profitable Fundraisers
The Latest:  Fundraising Statistics
Schools, Non-Profits Earn $1.4 Billion from Fundraisers

Findings from an industry-wide survey by the AFRDS shows thaat fundraising product sales are considered an important financial resource for schools and nonprofit organizations throughout the USA.

Other key findings include:
  • The average product sale earns about $3,100 for schools and non-profit groups
  • 73% of school fundraising sales are made at the elementary level
  • Product fundraising companies donate $4.8 million worth of goods to charity each year
  • Popular items sold include candy, chocolate and cookie dough, candles, gift wrap, ornaments and other novelties
  • The average product fundraiser generates more than $3,100 for schools and non-profits

Charitable Giving Up 1.6 Percent in June,
Online Giving Up 8.2 Percent

The Blackbaud Index of Charitable Giving,
a broad-based fundraising index that reports
overall giving trends of 2,848 US-based
nonprofit organizations representing $8 billion
in yearly giving on a monthly basis, reported
that charitable giving increased 1.6 percent
for the three months ending June 2012 as
compared to the same period in 2011.

The Blackbaud Index of Online Giving, comprised of actual revenue data from 2,004 nonprofits representing $387 million in yearly online giving, reported that online giving rose 8.2 percent for the three months ending June 2012 as compared to the same period in 2011.

The Blackbaud Index of Charitable Giving and The Blackbaud Index of Online Giving are updated on the first of each month (or the next business day) and are based on a three-month moving average of year-over-year percent changes in U.S.-based charitable giving. They represent the most comprehensive and timely sources of charitable giving available.
Auction Fundraiser

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The Best Tools:  Experience the Powerful Tools of GroSocial
GroSocial's easy-to-use interface and powerful widgets allow you to quickly build interactive Facebook pages. You can create special promotions, contests, newsletters, surveys and much more while offering to your fans a reason to return to your website often and then easily share it with their friends.

GroSocial is constantly adding cutting-edge Facebook tools/widgets to enable anyone to customize their Facebook pages.  It allows you to better engage your fan base and fully optimize your social marketing efforts.  It comes in an extremely powerful, drag-and-drop environment that’s simple enough for anyone to use.  We fell that GroSocial is the best social media software at the best possible price.

The monthly subscription is only $19.95 and comes with a free 30-day trial!  Get started today.
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